By blending technical and marketing disciplines, as well as balancing growth opportunities with support for existing markets, CCANZ aims to ensure that industry decision makers realise the full potential of concrete.

With over 250 corporate and individual members, those that seek to better understand concrete as key to a sustainable built environment include architects, designers, engineers, building contractors and students. 


Concrete Construction Course

A Concrete Construction Course for supervising the receipt and placement of fresh concrete on-site.

Cement Standard Strengthened

New Zealand’s cement Standard NZS 3122 has recently been amended.

Gaining Industry Momentum in 2015

Indicators suggest that 2015 will provide a positive operating environment for the construction sector.

Concrete Masonry - The Silent Workhorse

Concrete masonry doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves, despite being a staple construction material.

Consolidate Your Concrete (Associations)

It is time to consolidate the industry associations currently occupying the cement and concrete 'space' in NZ.
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