CCANZ has consolidated with other industry associations to form Concrete NZ. CCANZ has been removed from the register of Societies and Trusts, and this website will be taken down in December 2019. Visit Concrete NZ.

Concrete Research Roadmap

This report consults and documents the strategic research needs of the concrete sector over the next decade.

Short Lead Times Achievable With Precast Concrete

Lead times for precast concrete are not as long as some in the industry believe.

Contractor (May 2018) Let's Get Auckland Moving

Traffic issues are preventing efficiency gains for concrete producers that would broadly benefit Auckland.

Contractor (March 2018) Pro-Wood Procurement

Selection of construction materials should be based on merit, not be prescribed.

Contractor (November 2017) Innovate or Stagnate

Regardless of circumstance, one thing is certain – the need to innovate remains a priority.

Contractor (February 2017) It’s Time We Talked About Training

The NZ construction sector currently faces a skills shortage.

Contractor (Perspectives 2017) A Robust Concrete Landscape

The construction outlook looks set to remain positive throughout 2017.

Contractor (August 2016) Precast Concrete - A Strong Future

Precast NZ is committed to safety and quality.
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