Weathertight Course

Following on from the successful collaboration between Concrete NZ and the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ) in delivering the 2014 concrete masonry course based on NZS 4229, a 1-day course on weathertight concrete construction will be offered in June 2015.

Course Summary

Trainees will achieve an understanding of the requirements of weathertight concrete and concrete masonry construction based on the CCANZ publication Code of Practice for Weathertight Concrete and Concrete Masonry Construction (CP 01:2014).

The course also covers the theory that underpins the policies and practice of being a Building Control Officer (BCO) which is one component of the learning requirements for the Diploma in Building Control Surveying - Small Buildings.

The course is BOINZ standards-based, which means that trainees must attain a pre-determined level of theory-based knowledge and practical skills and be able to competently apply this knowledge in a practical situation, either in the workplace or in a simulated situation.

The course is delivered over 1-day, with tutor presentations, group activities and individual assessments. Course-work is based around specific unit standards that define the key knowledge and skills a trainee must have in order to perform competently as a BCO. These unit standards determine what the trainee must know and what the trainee must be able to do before they can be assessed as competent.

To be assessed as competent in the knowledge section of the course the trainee must be able to retain and apply Building Controls theoretical knowledge in an exam situation. The course also requires that the trainee applies the theory to related activities in the workplace and they may also be required to supply supporting evidence, for example, documentation that demonstrates compliance with the BCA/TA's QMS process, the legislation etc.

A standards-based course also enables trainees, who don't achieve competence in the theory exam, to be offered the opportunity to undertake further training to strengthen areas of weakness and to be reassessed in those areas.

Course Content

The course contains eight modules which align with the structure of CP 01.

A summary of the role of the New Zealand Building Act and New Zealand Building Code will be given at the beginning of the course.

Module 1 - Scope
  • Geometry
  • Loads
  • Construction excluded
Module 2 - General
  • Materials
  • Cracking
  • Maintenance
Module 3 - Wall Construction
  • Concrete masonry wall construction
  • In-situ concrete wall construction
  • Precast concrete wall construction
Module 4 - Wall weathertightness systems
  • EIFS system - external insulation
  • Plaster system
  • Coating system
  • Weathertight concrete
  • Masonry veneer
Module 5 - Flashings
  • Required properties of flashing materials
  • Acceptable flashing materials
  • Fixings

Module 6 - Concrete roofs and decks

Module 7 - Concrete slab-on-ground and footings

Module 8 - Construction moisture

The course includes:
  • Tutor presentation
  • Tutor-led activities, group-work and discussion to cater for trainees who come from organisations with different approaches to concrete masonry
  • Student learning resources
  • Assessment activities including: applying the Learning Assessments and a Final Assessment
  • A maximum number of 12 trainees per course
To complete the course participants will be required to:
  • Actively participate in all sessions
  • Share experiences
  • Work in pairs or teams to complete some exercises
  • Individually complete (and pass) the Final Assessment
  • Provide feedback and evaluation of the course
Target Audience
  • Building Officials

  • It would be beneficial if trainees were familiar with NZS 4229 Concrete Masonry Buildings Not Requiring Specific Engineering Design or NZS 3604 Timber-framed Buildings
Time | Date
  • 9 am - 5 pm | 18 April 2018
    School of Architecture
    Victoria University of Wellington
    139 Vivian Street
  • $ 535 (ex GST) BOINZ & Concrete NZ members
  • $ 585 (ex GST) Non BOINZ members


To register your place call Concrete NZ on (04) 499 8820, email or complete and return the registration form.