Royal Commission - Vital

15 Mar 2011


Royal Commission a Vital Step

The announcement of a Royal Commission to investigate the devastation wrought by the Christchurch earthquake has been welcomed by the Cement and Concrete Association of New Zealand (CCANZ).

“Prime Minister John Key’s announcement that Justice Cooper will lead a Royal Commission is a vital step towards what will be an extensive process in order to set a sustainable path for the long-term recovery of Christchurch,” said Rob Gaimster, Chief Executive of CCANZ.

“First and foremost the absolute tragedy in all of this – as now also being witnessed in Japan –  is the immediate human cost when forces of nature are unleashed. Every endeavour has to be made to withstand those forces and to have building codes that preserve life.

“Achieving an understanding of what happened in the Christchurch earthquake needs to proceed with relative urgency to ensure that maximum levels of safety and durability are always in place.

“As an industry we will certainly be making every effort to meet any of the concrete related information needs of the Royal Commission. This includes assisting with any possible assessment of the seismic performance of buildings in the Christchurch central business district”.