CCANZ Updates Popular Concrete Publication

01 Apr 2010


CCANZ Updates Popular Concrete Publication

The second and revised edition of The Guide to Concrete Construction - the popular learning text from the Cement & Concrete Association of New Zealand (CCANZ) - is now available free of charge.

Revised to account for updated New Zealand Standards, the Guide covers the constituents and properties of concrete, its manufacture and supply, the process of concreting and related site practices, as well as details on specifying, ordering and testing concrete.

CCANZ CEO Rob Gaimster says the Guide will be of value to everyone who is involved, or likely to become involved, in the use of concrete for projects of any size. This may include designers (architectural, engineering and draughting), construction companies, suppliers and contractors (both on and off the construction site).

“For some, this Guide will provide all the information they need. For others, it will serve as a valuable introduction to more in-depth study”, says Mr Gaimster.

“Site personnel will find the Guide of particular benefit, as it explains the importance of various procedures – such as compacting and curing - as well as making recommendations on how they should be carried out.”

The Guide is an important learning text for the concrete industry, which annually produces about 3.75 million cubic metres of concrete for new residential, non-residential and commercial construction, and in doing so supports over 24,000 jobs.