A Concrete National Cycleway Will Save Jobs

12 Mar 2009


A Concrete National Cycleway Will Save Jobs

The concrete sector has welcomed the Government’s commitment to a national cycleway, and believes that concrete must be considered as a suitable construction material.

“The development of a bike route that spans the length of both islands will be a tremendous asset that tourists and New Zealanders can enjoy,” says Cement & Concrete Association of New Zealand (CCANZ) Chief Executive, Rob Gaimster.

“The cycleway also has the potential to save jobs in the New Zealand concrete industry, which is a significant employer. Current economic difficulties are taking their toll on the New Zealand concrete industry. Ready mixed concrete suppliers, and in turn concrete placers, are hurting.

“By using concrete to construct the cycleway the New Zealand Government will provide much-needed job security for a valuable industry,” said Mr Gaimster.

He said concrete is also ideal for such a project on a number of other levels.

“Not only is a cycleway paved with concrete the most appropriate option for the range of bicycle types popular in New Zealand, concrete is a locally sourced material that will require no maintenance over a long period,” says Mr Gaimster.

“Using concrete for the cycleway will save jobs in the short-term, and is the most cost-effective material in the long-term.”