Short Lead Times Achievable With Precast Concrete

01 Nov 2016

Although the construction market is currently experiencing very high levels of activity, which is placing a significant demand on resources, lead times for precast concrete are not as long as some in the industry believe.

Rod Fulford, Executive Director of Precast New Zealand Inc (PCNZ), acknowledges that while there are some issues around the supply of building materials, particularly in the wider Auckland region, short delivery times for precast concrete are achievable.

PCNZ members often hear of people being told that lead times for precast concrete are around six months,” says Rod.  “This would only be the case on a very limited number of projects.”

"Unfortunately, a misconception has developed that the precast industry is struggling to supply customers within a realistic timeframe, which is certainly not the case."

"Many larger projects do not maintain their pre-tender program, creating gaps in production that enable other projects to be fitted in with shorter lead times," adds Rod.

"Auckland members of PCNZ cite a number of recent examples in which the time from date of order through to delivery ranged from between five to six weeks."

"PCNZ encourages those in procurement to begin talking with their precast concrete supplier as soon as practicable in order to have the best chance of meeting delivery targets.  Providing complete and accurate information during initial stages is also essential for short lead times."

"Create open and clear communication channels with your precast concrete supplier,” suggests Rod. "They value their customer relationships tremendously, and are fully committed to achieving realistic delivery programs where ever possible."

Rod Fulford
Executive Director
Precast NZ Inc (PCNZ)

Mobile. 0274 987 990

Precast New Zealand Inc (PCNZ) represents around 20 precast concrete companies operating around 30 precast concrete factories nationwide.  This accounts for over 80% of the factory produced precast concrete in New Zealand.