2017 Student Concrete Prize

22 May 2017

How to enter: Email a single pdf document containing:

  1. Your name, tertiary institute, department and certificate diploma/degree, email and a contact phone number.
  2. A paragraph or two on why you should win a CCANZ prize this year.
  3. A 1-page written essay on concrete in the built environment.
  4. Screen shot proof of:
  • The CCANZ Homepage.
  • The CCANZ Publications webpage.
  • The first page of the CCANZ Information Bulletin IB 86 Self-Compacting Concrete.
  • Answer the question: “Which photograph in IB 86 shows SCC being bottom pumped into the form?"
  • Answer the question: “Where would you source The European Guidelines for Self-Compacting Concrete?”
  • Page 8.5 of the Guide to Concrete Construction.
  • Figure 9.2 Loss of Strength Through Incomplete Compaction found in the Guide to Concrete Construction.

The winner will be selected and contacted. Note: winner selected from the pool of correctly submitted entries and CCANZ decision is final.

Download the 2017 competition flyer.

Entries close on 1 August 2017.