2011 Sustainability Awards Open

14 May 2011

CCANZ has announced the 2011 Concrete3 Sustainability Awards are open for entry, offering those involved in building New Zealand’s future a chance to have their achievements recognised and to draw inspiration from others.

CCANZ chief executive Rob Gaimster said it was important to promote the industry’s success and innovation in regard to sustainability.

“The Concrete3 Sustainability Awards are a chance to recognise those who are leading the way in embracing sustainable practices and for interested parties to learn from each other to ensure the industry, as a whole, continues to operate in the most responsible manner possible.”

“True sustainability requires the consideration of not only environmental factors, but also the potential economic and social impacts of each project.”

Mr Gaimster said there would be five categories from which a supreme winner will be selected: Excellence in Residential, Commercial and Civil Concrete Construction, as well as Excellence in Concrete Innovation, and Concrete for the Community.

“Examples of sustainability come in all shapes and sizes, from the smallest residential job to a multi-million dollar civil project,” he said.

To showcase the range of superb winners over the Award's 3-year history a promotional leaflet has been created.