ArchEng Student Workshop

15 Aug 2012

CCANZ recently organized the inaugural ArchEng workshop, an initiative designed to encourage aspiring construction specialists to work together to incorporate the best insights and latest technology into a building design.

Bringing together 5 architecture students from Victoria University and 5 engineering students from the University of Canterbury, the workshop created a relaxed and collaborative environment.
Faced with a brief to develop a preliminary design for an inner city Wellington cultural centre with concrete as the primary building material, the students worked in cross-disciplinary teams of two.

The workshop ran over 3-days, and included site visits to inspirational concrete buildings in Wellington. These were the Alan MacDiarmid Building which utilizes the PREcast Seismic Structural System (PRESSS), and the Meridian Building, New Zealand's first 5 star Green Star building.

The site visits were guided by practicing engineers and architects who were involved in the design and build at each site.

While the teams were ultimately competing for a first prize, the workshop created plenty of opportunity for networking.  The judging panel included representatives from BRANZ and the Ministry of Building Innovation and Employment, both organisations keen on increasing productivity and communication in the built environment.

The ArchEng workshop was a success, with feedback from all participants extremely positive. It is anticipated that the workshop will become an annual event as CCANZ continues to foster cross-disciplinary contact between early career professionals for better concrete outcomes.

Future CCANZ ArchEng workshops will:

  • showcase design and build opportunities of relevance to the host cities of Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland;
  • continue to promote increased productivity and sustainability in the Building and Construction sector;
  • allow industry associations to promote the benefits of working collaboratively between disciplines and inform and educate the next generation of professionals; and
  • allow employers to participate in a creative event and meet and interact with New Zealand’s top graduating engineers and architects.

For more information on the ArchEng workshop contact Joe Gamman (