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Short Lead Times Achievable With Precast Concrete

01 Nov 2016

Lead times for precast concrete are not as long as some in the industry believe.

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NZS 3122:2009 Specification for Portland and Blended Cements (General and Special Purpose)

15 Dec 2014

NZS 3122:2009 Specification for Portland and Blended Cements (General and Special Purpose).

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NZ Concrete Society Celebrates 50 Years - Part III - Outstanding Concrete Structures

22 Aug 2014

As part of NZ Concrete Society's 50 anniversary, we explore how many notable concrete structures have been realised by the technical and collegial support offered by the Society.

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Building a Better New Zealand 2014 Conference

15 Apr 2014

The Building a Better NZ conference in September will bring together a wide range of industry stakeholders.

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New Zealand Housing and Construction Quarterly (NZHCQ)

14 Apr 2014

The New Zealand Housing and Construction Quarterly (NZHCQ) analyses sector trends in the building, construction and housing sectors.

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NZ Concrete Society Celebrates 50 Years - Part II - Concrete Trailblazers

11 Apr 2014

Throughout its existence the NZCS has benefitted from and helped foster the vision, intellect, wisdom and determination of a group of individuals worthy of the title – trailblazers.

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MBIE Videos About Repairs to Earthquake-Damaged Houses

10 Apr 2014

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has produced three videos to help repair, re-level or restore floor structures ‘right first time’.

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New Building and Construction Engineering Standard

09 Apr 2014

NZS 3917:2013 Conditions of Contract for Building and Civil Engineering - Fixed Term has been published.

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Carl Ashby Assumes NZCS Presidency

12 Dec 2013

Carl Ashby, a Structural Group Manager for Opus International Consultants, is now President of the NZCS.

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NZ Concrete Society Celebrates 50 Years - Part I

12 Dec 2013

The New Zealand Concrete Society will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2014.

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Newmarket Viaduct Takes NZCS Concrete Award

12 Dec 2013

The deconstruction and reconstruction of Newmarket Viaduct won this year’s premiere Concrete Award.

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NZ Authors Recognised by PCI

10 Dec 2013

NZ Authors Recognised by PCI with the 2013 Martin P. Korn Award.

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MBIE Guides for Canterbury Builders

10 Oct 2013

Two new MBIE booklets help builders in Canterbury repairing and rebuilding earthquake-damaged houses.

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New Website for LBPS

10 Oct 2013

The new LBPS website makes it easier for LBPs to access information online.

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Revised Standard for Concrete Masonry Buildings

10 Oct 2013

Revised standard for the design and construction of RC masonry buildings.

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Concrete Pumping Health and Safety Guidelines

01 Apr 2013

These guidelines on pumping concrete provide practical advice about the safe operation and maintenance of concrete pumping equipment and the environment this equipment is used in.

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NZRMCA Upgrades Website

15 Mar 2013

This online repository of all things ready mixed concrete in NZ is key to the Association’s communications.

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New Work Place Health and Safety Agency

14 Mar 2013

The Government is to establish a new, stand-alone workplace health and safety agency to significantly improve New Zealand’s workplace health and safety record.

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Updated Earthquake Repair Guidance

12 Feb 2013

MBIE has updated its document Guidance: Repairing and Rebuilding Houses Affected by the Canterbury Earthquakes.

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New Website for SNZ

05 Feb 2013

Standards New Zealand has rebranded and upgraded its website.

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Concrete Masonry Manual Being Revised

12 Jan 2013

NZ Concrete Masonry Association and CCANZ are updating The Concrete Masonry Manual.

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Bary Williams Bids Adieu

05 Jan 2013

Bary Williams recently retired from his role as National Sales Manager at Golden Bay Cement.

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Quakes Royal Commission Completes Delivery of Final Report

17 Dec 2012

The Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission has completed its inquiry by delivering the third and final part of its Final Report to the Governor-General.

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NZ Green Building Council Launch BASE

28 Oct 2012

The New Zealand Green Building Council and Christchurch City Council have launched BASE, a new green building assessment tool developed for the city rebuild.

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MBIE Update

06 Oct 2012

On 1 July 2012 the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) came into existence. It integrated the functions of the Department of Building and Housing (DBH), along with selected Ministries and other Departments.

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2012 Standards and Conformance Infrastructure Review

14 Aug 2012

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is reviewing NZ's standards and conformance infrastructure, focusing on the NZ standards system. The purpose is to develop proposals for a viable standards system that meets the needs of businesses, regulators and consumers.

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Golden Bay Cement Wins EECA Award

04 Aug 2012

Golden Bay Cement wins the Renewable Energy category in the 2012 EECA Awards by using biofuel to reduce CO2.

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A Review of the Licensed Building Practitioners Scheme is Underway

25 Jul 2012

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is consulting on licensed builder practitioner (LBP) policy issues.

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New GM for Golden Bay Cement

03 Mar 2012

Michele Creagh has recently been appointed to the position of General Manager at Golden Bay Cement.

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Work Time Variation for Concrete Truck Drivers

03 Mar 2012

A generic work time variation for drivers of ready mix concrete trucks has been developed.

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Outstanding Construction Using HPC

25 Jul 2011

Professor Pierre-Claude Aitcin reviews construction projects which used high performance concretes.

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IPENZ Re-honours Gold Medal Engineers

18 Jul 2011

A second presentation of the IPENZ President's Award, the Fulton-Downer Gold Medal, was made in May 2011.

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Changes at the Top for Golden Bay Cement and Firth Industries

10 Jul 2011

Andrew Moss replaces David Peterson as Firth Industries' new General Manager.

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Info Paper Examines Building Design

29 Jun 2011

Experts report on damage to buildings in Christchurch following the recent earthquakes.

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Residential Property RFI Following Earthquake

31 May 2011

The CERA and DBH have released a Request for Information (RFI) – Residential Property Development Intentions.

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New Foundation Rule for Seismic Hazard

19 May 2011

Immediate changes to the Building Code’s supporting documents for Structure take effect from 19 May 2011.

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Roger Sutton Appointed CERA Chief Executive

12 May 2011

The State Services Commissioner has announced that the permanent CEO of CERA will be Roger Sutton.

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New Online Tool Boosts Licensed Builder Scheme

05 May 2011

A new on-line service has been launched that will allow Licensed Building Practitioners to register online.

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BuildNZ | Designex 2011

02 May 2011

In 2011 BuildNZ, Designex and the RMBF annual conference have been bundled into a single all-purpose event.

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NZ Engineer Wins Freyssinet Medal

20 Apr 2011

Nigel Priestley has been awarded a 2010 Freyssinet Medal by International Federation for Structural Concrete (fib).

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Wayne Raymond Receives IPENZ Honour

13 Apr 2011

Former New Zealand Concrete Society president recognised by engineering profession.

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Christchurch Royal Commissioners Announced

11 Apr 2011

Sir Ron Carter and Associate Professor Richard Fenwick confirmed as commissioners.

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Experts Appointed to Assist Investigation

07 Apr 2011

NZ companies will assist with the investigation of selected multi-storey buildings in the Christchurch CBD.

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Building Performance Seminars

04 Apr 2011

The NZCS has organised a seminar focussing on building performance in the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

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NZSEE Define 'Modern' Buildings

16 Mar 2011

Buildings constructed before the NZ Building Act 1991 and 1992 Regulations are not 'modern’ say NZSEE.

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IPENZ Earthquake Fact Sheets

04 Mar 2011

IPENZ has prepared a range of fact sheets that provide information relating to the Febraury 22 Christchurch earthquake.

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Precast New Zealand - Newsletter

01 Mar 2011

Precast New Zealand's (PCNZ) newsletter is available to download.

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Commerce Commission Collusive Conduct Outreach Advice

23 Feb 2011

The Commerce Commission has produced an advice sheet offering direction in avoiding a breach of the Commerce Act.

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NZS 3604:2011 Updated

16 Feb 2011

Standards New Zealand has just published NZS 3604:2011 Timber-Framed Buildings.

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Concrete Smarter Campaign

01 Oct 2010

The Auckland City Council is partnering with Mitre 10 MEGA, Glenfield to reduce concrete stormwater pollution.

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NZS 3122:2009 A1 Published

03 Sep 2010

NZS 3122:2009 Specification for Portland and Blended Cements (General and Special Purpose) updated.

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Symposium on High Performance Concrete

28 Aug 2010

9th International Symposium on High Performance Concrete: Design, Verification & Utilization.

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New Website Address for Plant Audit Scheme

26 Aug 2010

The indepenent ready mixed concrete Plant Audit Scheme website has a new address.

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Leaky Homes

05 Jul 2010

As part of Budget 2010 the government has made a full and final offer to cover the cost of 25% of leaky home repair bills.

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DBH Releases Guidance for Manufacturers of Building Products

27 Jun 2010

DBH release Using the Product Assurance Framework to Support Building Code Compliance.

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Standards Upate

25 Jun 2010

Amendment 2 to Specification for Concrete Production has been published, and incorporates a new type of mechanism for the testing of weight systems.

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Dr Richard Fenwick ONZM

21 Jun 2010

Dr Richard Fenwick is made an ONZM for Services to Engineering.

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NZS 3104: 2003 – Amendment 2 Published

03 May 2010

Standards New Zealand has published Amendment 2 to Specification for concrete production NZS 3104:2003.

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Driver Training DVD Released

01 Feb 2010

The NZRMCA has produced a driver training DVD, designed to cover all aspects of concrete truck handling.

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Allan Scott Joins University of Canterbury

01 Dec 2009

Allan Scott has joined the Dept of Civil and Natural Resources Engineering, at the University of Canterbury.

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Jon Hambling Appointed NZRMCA President

01 Nov 2009

The New Zealand Ready Mixed Concrete Association has appointed Jon Hambling as President.

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